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Kiddie Tractor Pull

Kiddie Tractor Pull

This is "The Kiddie Tractor Pull". The event is held about midway thru the regular tractor pull. Each child gets on a peddle tractor and they race about 30 feet in two heats. During the secound heat a small sled is attached to the rear of the tractor. If it looks like a child is having a difficult time during the second run an adult will help them. At the end of the 2nd heat each child recieves a trophy reguardless of what place they came in ir how long it took them to finish the last heat. Also all the trophies are provided by the tractor
club and there is no charge for the children to enter.

Looking for the Next Cool Kid

Looking for the Next Cool Kid

since I'm in journalism, we get a subscription to the New York Times, and I'm one of the only kids who probably actually reads through the entire newspaper, every day, anyways, i have this thing where i cut out pictures and articles and headlines i like, and i'm going to do something epic with them later, but this here, it's a start.


free ringtones no charge or subscription

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